GuerillaBeam advantages

GuerillaBeam advantages

Efficiency by design

GuerillaBeam projectors are significantly brighter than comparable common projectors using the same amount of electrical power. This has several reasons.

Compared to classic slide projectors, gBeam has the advantage of using the far more efficient LED technology. Where halogen bulbs yield at most 20 Lumens per Watt, LED emit more than 100 Lumens per Watt. LED light is also highly directional, leading to significantly reduced loss through spilled light.

GuerillaBeam is also much more efficient than current digital projectors. This is because it doesn’t need the color filters (DLP) or polarizer (LCD) that absorb most of the light there.

Unlimited lens selection

With conventional projectors you have little or no choice regarding the projectors optics.
If you can change the lens at all, upgrade lenses are usually rare and exorbitantly expensive.

With GuerillaBeam you aren’t limited to specific projector lenses. With the help of 3d printed lens adapters, you can use virtually any 35mm lens you like. This gives you access to wide-angle, super long-focus and super-bright lens types which are usually not available (or affordable) for projectors.

Interchangeable LED lights

GuerillaBeam projectors can use a variety of different LED lights.
Currently there aren’t as many suitable lights as there are compatible lenses, but I’m working on that. I’m also willing to help you adapt specific light you’s like to use.


GuerillaBeam projectors are most lightweight and compact. Without lens and light, a gBeam projector weighs less than 100 g at the size of an apple.
A typical GuerillaBeam projector using an X8 flashlight, weighs less than 1 kg (including batteries) and fits into a handbag.

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