LED powered

guerillaBeam projectors are designed to work with todays most efficient high power LEDs.

Advantages of LEDs for projectors

  • most compact, lightweight and solid state
  • power efficient, allowing for use of (rechargeable) batteries
  • little heat, allowing the use of 3d printed (thermoplastic!) construction

The use of LED technology circumvents various disadvantages of classic projector light sources, namely:

  • high power consumption, limiting portability
  • strong heat production, requiring heat filters and active cooling
  • UV light emission (HID), requiring further protective measures
  • fragility of incandescant lamps

Recommended LEDs

GuerillaBeam recommends using Cree XM-L or XM-L2 LEDs, as those are most energy efficient. A single XM-L LED can be brighter than a 60W incandescant with just 10W power consumption. Many state-of-the-art flashlights feature Cree XM-L LEDs, making them quite easily available.

Use of other high power LEDs is possible but not recommendable, since those deliver less light at still tolerable levels of heat production and energy consumption.

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