Make a projector

To make a gBeam projector you need the following:

  • A gBeam slide holder

    The slide holder is the core of the gBeam projector. It holds light and lens, as well as the slide containing the image. Like all gBeam parts, you can order it in the GuerillaBeam shop on this site or print it yourself.

  • A lens

    gBeam is compatible with most camera and projector objectives. The better the lens, the better the projector.
    You can read about compatible lenses and available lens adapters or browse my lens offers in the shop.

  • A high power LED light

    gBeam works best with Cree XM-L LED lights. Most suitable is the UltraFire X8, which is powerful and easy to adapt. You can order one here, or get it somewhere else and connect it with the UltraFire X8 adapter.

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