GuerillaBeam adapter for UltraFire X8 flashlight

Adapter for UltraFire X8 flashlights


The UltraFire X8 is a great flashlight, and this adapter makes it an excellent light source for GuerillaBeam projectors.

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This adapter is designed to connect UltraFire X8 flashlights (which are practically the same as , but not identical to, TrustFire X8 flashlights).


To attach your flashlight to the projector, first remove the flashlight bezel by unscrewing it.
Bend the adapter slightly open (careful not to break it), so that you can put it on the flashlights head. When aligned correctly, the adapter will form a closed ring again.
Now you can screw the assembly into the projector, effectively locking the flashlight in place.

UltraFire X8 with attached gBeam adapter (61mm)

UltraFire X8 with attached gBeam adapter (61mm)

Additional Information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 61 x 61 x 13.9 mm



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